The stars of “Santa Barbara”: This is how the iconic actors and actresses from the series have changed over time

The legendary actors and actresses from the series “Santa Barbara” 35 years later

Shortly after the popular TV series was released, all the prominent actors and actresses have changed beyond recognition since, however hard it is to believe, already 35 years have passed. It goes without saying that the lives of the actors and actresses have forever been changed and this is how the most striking characters from the famous series have changed.

Jed Allan (CeCe)

The prominent actor’s latest legendary role was in the TV series “The Gulf” where he was acting till the age of 84. Many hope this won’t become the iconic film star’s last role.

Robin Wright (Callie)

Meet another outstanding star from the iconic series who received a “Golden Globe” for her brilliant participation in the TV show “House of Cards”. Later, the talented actress achieved greater success with the Marvel book adaptations.

Nicholas Costner (Lionel)

This is how the well-known and charismatic film star has changed over time. Did you recognize him?

Marcy Walker (Eden)

Despite achieving success and overall recognition in the film industry, the charming actress decided to change her career sphere becoming a preacher in a small American town.

A. L. Martinez III (Cruz)

Since the age of 11, the prominent actor started to act in films already having experience before starring in “Santa Barbara”. It is worth mentioning that the outstanding film star has received Emmy Award for his character of Cruz.


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