The shot from Saturday Night Fever demonstrates John Travolta doing a robot

Travolta’s gestures are an optical portrayal of the disco era.

I bet you sang the words “Night Fever” and started attempting to imitate John Travolta’s emblematic dance moves from Saturday Night Fever. The movie was premier time released in 1977 with an “R” rating partly because of the language.

It became such a boom that the executives filmed some of the scenes and filmed the PG version of the movie several times before releasing it in theaters. People were in awe of Travolta’s disco moves, even those who were not familiar with the disco scene.

The scene in which John Travolta robots Disco Duck was removed from the R-rated variant but involved in the PG version. The fan who comes to meet Tony every night, at last, gets her dance. Definitely, she makes an attempt to hug him all the time.

Travolta’s moves in Night Fever are an optical portrayal of the disco period. It’s almost impossible to listen to this song and think of anything other than Travolta in the disco doing the Hustle line dance.

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