“The most gorgeous legs I have ever seen!”: The way Hailey Bieber appeared in West Hollywood has long been discussed

The recent appearance of Justin Bieber’s wife in West Hollywood caused a stir 😳🤔

This is how the wife of popular and successful musician J. Bieber, Hailey appeared in West Hollywood leaving everyone there speechless and causing a stir on network. The iconic star was spotted with model L. Harvey and musician J. Sky. Her extraordinary look in biker shorts, sneakers and an oversized sweater has long been criticized by thousands of netizens. Many rushed to claim that the celebrity actually forgot to put on something and that her outfit looked rather weird.

The well-known star completed her interesting look with stylish sunglasses, a green cap and a matching creamy bag.

“I haven’t seen more beautiful legs in my life”, “Rather provocative and extraordinary, but I love her unique style”, “Probably the most stunning legs in the world”, “Hailey, put on your pants”, “I can barely see her shorts”, “How flawless she looks without makeup, I can’t!”.

The model’s appearance in mini shorts which were hardly seen under her voluminous sweater has long been discussed. Hailey showed up for dinner pleasantly surprising her friends.

Many claimed that her tummy looked unusually big saying she might be pregnant, whereas Hailey denied the rumors.

How did you find the celebrity’s recent unusual appearance?



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