The last request of his mother simply stunned him, and the boy burst into tears when he heard all this

In old age, our parents just need our love as well as care.

Our parents are the most important people in our lives, they are ready for anything for us. They deserve our best regards. We should always remember what they have done for us, even forgetting about themselves. Yes, it is true that it is not easy to look after parents in old age because sometimes their character becomes complex as well as many other problems arise.

The majority feel that it would be perfect for them and their parents to live in a nursing home, spending time with peers. Indeed, at this age, the parents just need our love as well as care.

This is a very heartening story that will make many people think about their lives. Their family consisted of a father, mother, and son. After the death of his dad, the boy made up his mind to take his mother to a nursing home. A few months later, the boy began to call on his mother not so frequently. It even occurred that he did not call on his mother for months. And one day the personnel of the nursing home contacted him.

He was told that his mother was sick and that he had very little time left. The news was shocking for the boy, and he hurried to the nursing home. He seemed to be submerged with guilt… Coming close to his mother, he bowed in front of her bed. The first thing the boy asked was what his mother desired him to do for her.

And what she said to her son was so heartening. She asked the boy to purchase an air conditioner as well as a fridge, as she had always slept hungry for the previous few years…

The boy just cried at the words of his mother. He asked his mother why she didn’t tell him about it sooner.

And she responded the following.

– I managed to get used to the common hunger and heat. It’s nothing. I’m just worried for you that if your kids bring you here or somewhere else, you won’t be able to get used to the conditions.

And after five minutes, his mother passed away in his arms…

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