The high school students decided to get married and make this day the most unforgettable

It was thrilling and full of boundless feelings.

18-year-old high school students Sadie Mills and Chase Smith not so long ago got married but don’t be too rapid to say they’re too young to get married.

The crucial day in their lives was full of many tensed as well as joyful moments and feelings, and there was only one reason for this… Actually, a few days before the wedding, Chase was informed that he had only 3-5 months to live.

He was battling a highly infrequent as well as aggressive form of cancer. They dated for 6 months.

Sadie said it was the most unforgettable day of her life and she never regretted her choice for a minute.

They planned an outdoor wedding and made a decision to have their wedding ceremony at the territory where they had their premier date and kiss. It was all of vital importance to them.

Before learning about this terrible news, they had already shaped big plans that they wanted to perform jointly.

They wanted to continue their studies together and perhaps build the life of their dreams but the illness, sadly, ruined all their plans…

In any case, this did not stop them from arranging the wedding of their dreams as well as making this the most memorable day of their lives.

Over the following 5 days, the couple told their parents about their plans and then set about planning the entire wedding.

Sadie’s parents, knowing about all this, did not resist all this and supported them in all matters.

Everything was done in compliance with all traditions.

It was thrilling and full of boundless feelings.

Also check out shots of this cute and radiant couple from their wedding ceremony.

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