The diver plunged to the bottom of the legendary lake, but he spots something at a depth and quickly emerges

For many years, people have made an attempt to see the inhabitant of the well-known lake.

Jeremy Wide, plunger as well as the author of River Monsters, never believed in the legends of Loch Ness.

And that is the reason that one day he made up his mind to dive into the flooring of the lake and record it all. But it wasn’t long before he unexpectedly decided to get up and leave the camera to carry on recording.

For many years, people have made an attempt to understand this legend and see the inhabitant of the well-known lake but so far no one has been able to prove who lives there and whether there is anything there. But everyone says they spotted him.

So, Wide plunged into the search for evidence. All this time the cameras recorded what was going on there. He dived and instantly surfaced, and then dived again.

And when he got up, he said that there was something at the bottom of the lake because the water began to get black coloration. He did not calculate how long it would take to descend and noticed that he was already close to the objective.

He spotted that the black dot below begin to move and rise again. But he said he couldn’t say certainly, perhaps it was just an ordinary log but he said he would check anyway.

The depths of the lake are indeed too dark for any kind of documentary recording. It would make more sense to demolish a bathyscaphe with remote control, camera as well as lighting.

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