“The definition of the purest love”: The touching family photos of the leading character from “Hathiko” touched everyone

Prominent actor Gere’s beautiful wife and sons won’t let you remain indifferent

It is worth mentioning that the legendary couple have two heirs, the oldest one named Alexander is three and the youngest one is still two. What concerns the youngest one, we have no idea what his name is yet.

The heartwarming pictures of the beautiful and harmonious family, that celebrated Christmas being on vacation at a resort, didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. The delicate dress of his beloved wife, the stylishly dressed boys as well as the warm and close relationship between them were praised by millions. What concerns Richard, the iconic man was in navy blue shorts and a white T-shirt completing his interesting outfit with a cap.

Sincerely wishing every single one Happy Christmas, the admirable couple got a lot of compliments and this is how the majority of the fans of the star reacted . “The definition of family happiness”, “You are lucky to have each other by your sides”, “What a harmonious and exemplary family”.

The leading character from the legendary movie “Hathiko” and his beloved wife, the heiress of the former vice president of the soccer team “Real” are fully enjoying their time together.

The way the admirable couple looks in these family photos melted millions of hearts and helped many believe in pure and unconditional love.

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