The best Christmas in the lives of kids. The teacher follows his student and what she finds out is just unbelievable

The kids’ life lives became brighter and happier.

Tennessee charter school teacher Sandra Elliott is fond of her job and had a Ph.D. She and her husband could not have babies, so, the woman made a decision to choose such a profession in order to be closer to children.

She had a very sweet as well as generous temperament, everyone adored her, and she was the beloved teacher of the students. She helped everyone and from time to time, even took an interest in their private lives in order to understand how she could assist them.

But one day she was walking past her class as soon as she unexpectedly spotted that one of the students was looking out the window for a long time, and his lunch box was standing nearby.

She instantly thought that something was wrong, and was about to ask him when suddenly the principle of the school called her. Sandra carried on thinking about it and the following day she made up her mind to ask what occurred to him but he was not in class at the time.

From the window, she spotted a boy walking home with a package in his hand. She followed him and noticed how the boy began to rummage through the trash cans, pulling out scraps.

The boy saw him and escaped but did not have time to follow him. She returned to school and made up her mind to drop it and talk to him the next day. But the next day he was not in class.

He was nowhere to be seen, not even near the trash can where she’d spotted him the day before. All of a sudden, she noticed him with the same bag. She was certain that he was hiding something serious, and wrote to the principle that there would be no class.

Christmas was just around the corner, and with it the holidays, so she could not take a vacation, except for health reasons, there could be no other reason. So, she lied saying she was ill. She got into a taxi and chased the boy.

She asked the taxi driver to slow down and follow the boy, who was walking with a package in his hand and collecting leftovers from a trash can. She didn’t understand why he did it. Suddenly the boy entered the alley and she had to get out of the car and follow him on foot.

He stopped in front of some old house, and Sandra looked at him. The boy left his package as well as lunchbox at home and opened the door, from which a boy and a girl came out. The girl was older and the boy was about 5.

Sandra noticed a woman come out to them. She had tousled hair as well as a stern expression. It was evident that the kids were very frightened of her.

She started yelling at them and said that she would not allow them to leave the house and told them that they were just as useless as their dad. She yelled at them, grabbing their ears as well as twisting them.

The miserable kids were crying, and the girl said that she was in severe pain. Sandra couldn’t take it anymore, she got up and walked over to her, and the scent of alcohol instantly hit her nose.

She got very annoyed and said that the kids were in pain. And the woman replied that no one should be integrated into their business, these are her kids. The children ran out of their mother’s arms and ran to Sandra. And the little girl begged Sandra not to leave them with her, and Sandra assured them that everything would be alright.

She instantly sent the home address to her husband, who was a police officer in Tennessee and asked him to come. A few minutes later, they arrived and saved the kids, and the woman was arrested for child abuse.

Alcohol as well as a number of empty bottles were detected in the house. And, the couple took the kids to the police station, and then they took them home. Sandra washed, nursed as well as dressed them. The couple made a decision they had a desire to adopt the three and provide them with an opportunity at a wonderful life.

It was God’s gift to them and they were not able to have their own children. And their mother soon lost parental rights.

It turns out that the boy ran away every day with leftovers during his lunch break and did not tell anyone out of fright.

Christmas came, they all cooked a lot of tasty dishes together and spent the holidays jointly, eating tasty food and cakes, it was the best Christmas in the lives of the kids. They all told each other various stories and laughed a lot and their life became brighter and happier.

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