“The beauty icons of the 1980s then and now”: The way our idols from the 1980s look today surprised the netizens

Meet the most attractive actresses from the 1980s who won millions of hearts

Legendary, beloved and well-known films such as “Wild Orchid” and “Blue Lagoon” gained overall-recognition and popularity in the 1980s as well as in the early 1990s mainly owing to the indescribable beauty, charm and brilliant acting skills of the actresses. There is no denying that one can watch these iconic movies for thousand times without getting tired and admire the elegance and femininity of these film stars. Whereas now, many are wondering how their beloved actresses who were regarded beauty icons at that time have changed over these years. So, here are the most desirable and charming female movie stars from the 1980s who didn’t let any single viewer remain indifferent winning millions of hearts.

Carré Otis

Meg Ryan

Brooke Shields

Kim Basinger

Isabella Rossellini

Which films have you watched and who is your most favorite actress?

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