“Still madly in love after years”: 80-year-old Harrison Ford showed affection towards his wife at a premiere

The way Harrison Ford at 80 gently kissed his wife touched everyone there

At a premiere, the appearance of 80-year-old H. Ford with his beloved wife 58-year-old Calista Flockhart didn’t let anyone there stay indifferent towards the legendary spouses.

It should be noted that it is, in fact, the outstanding actor’s third marriage. Moreover, the iconic man adopted his beloved’s son Liam who is currently 21. Since the legendary man appears very rarely in public, his appearance at a premiere caused a sensation on the network.

The spouses were present at the premiere of the series “Yellowstone”. What concerns their outfits, the prominent film star was dressed in a classic black and white suit. And his beloved wife Calista appeared in an elegant snow-white suit which clearly emphasized the woman’s flawless body.

The legendary couple didn’t even try to hide their sincere feelings towards each other. The moment the iconic man gently kissed the woman’s forehead touched their fans. And this is how the network users reacted to their long-waited appearance: “Harrison seems to be the happiest man in the whole world”, “Definitely the sincerest couple in Hollywood”, “Even after a decade of being inseparable, they are still madly in love with each other”.

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