Simone Biles replenished her medals by getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom

This day will always be considered as one of the most unforgettable.

Simone, a quadruple Olympic champion, was granted the medal of Freedom by the President.

She got an award from Joe Biden. Biden noted that Biles went down in history as the person who deserves it.

It was definitely a great honor for the gymnast to hear this, and it will always remain in her memory as one of the most unforgettable days.

According to the White House, this medal is awarded to those who have made a great benefaction to the profitability of the country, national values, peace, or other crucial initiatives as well as achievements.

In addition to all the German accomplishments, Simone was recognized as an advocate for sufferers of sexual mistreatment as well.

The previous year, Biles was among the athletes who testified in the sexual mistreatment case against Larry Nassar, an ex-US doctor.

In 2018, the aforementioned man was sentenced to 175 years of imprisonment for raping hundreds of girls and women.

At the Tokyo Olympics, she spoke about Nassar’s mistreatment as well as linked it to her further mental restoration.

After all this, she was evicted from a number of competitions held in Tokyo because of her mental state and problems.

She also spoke many times about taking antidepressants for despondency.

Biden mentioned Biles’ courage in his speech as well, praising her for bringing to light such difficult issues.

Hearing such things from the President, she was highly excited and also motivated her that we should never be afraid to talk about our problems and also communicate about this world.

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