“Rest in peace, Stephen Boss”: The departure of artist Stephen Boss made absolutely everyone burst into tears

The tragic news of the star of Ellen’s show, dancer Boss’s departure hit the network

The terrible and heartbreaking news that talented and praiseworthy dancer and “fake DJ” on the Ellen’s show, misfortunately, passed away putting an end to his life. It should be noted that the iconic artist was 40 years old.

The whole situation was as follows: the concerned wife of the late artist rushed to the police station explaining that her husband suddenly left the house without his car and she couldn’t contact him. On the same day, that is on the 13th of December, at 11:15, the dead body of Stephen was found at a hotel in Los Angeles. The artist passed away because of a gunshot, whereas the reasons for his act still remain obscure.

Ellen commented on this tragic situation claiming that her heart was literally broken admitting that Boss was her family whom she loved with all her heart as well as adding that she missed him so much.

It is worth mentioning that the artist gained overall fame and recognition due to his brilliant participation in “Everybody Dances” as well as “The Wade Robeson Project”, two MTV projects. Later, the praiseworthy artist worked on the Ellen’s show “Ellen”.


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