Nature is full of miracles. The traveler spotted a valley that looked like a sleeping dog  

Nature is full of a variety of incredible things and this hill is no exception.

Placed in the Gong Taoyuan Valley in New Taipei City, Taiwan, a tourist climbed this amazing hill and understood that it was similar to something.

The latter shared the footage on the Internet and we can’t help but wonder how the beautiful hill is truly similar to a giant dog sleeping in grassy nature. Amidst the tranquil valley as well as layers of greenery, it seems like a massive dog is putting the wonderful Taoyuan Valley to sleep.

Do you spot a sleeping dog?

In February 2015, a photographer named Chengguang Xiang posted footage on the landscape community’s Facebook account demonstrating how the valley looks like a dog.

„In the Taoyuan Valley located in northern Taiwan, a massive dog sleeps on beautiful grass.“

Looking at the footage, many people are astonished at how uncommon the similarity of a slide to a dog is. Some have even mentioned how they have been to this territory so many times but only just realized it was a „sleeping dog“ when they premier time noticed the footage.

In addition to the Valley of Sleeping Dogs, Xiang found another natural wonder as well – a rock that looks like an elephant’s nest.

Since an enormous giant statue is placed on the beach, it seems that the elephant’s body alights down to the sea in order to drink water. Xiang detected this „elephant trunk“ stone at a location called Ruifang.

After sharing all these breathtaking shots, some people took a photo of another miracle on the Ruifang website and shared it on the Internet. They spotted another stone that didn’t look like an elephant’s trunk but looked very much like two dogs facing each other.

The rock looks like two dogs facing each other.

Nature is full of miracles and all it takes is a pair of eyes to witness its beauty.

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