Maysa from legendary series “Clone”: This is how iconic actress Daniela Escobar, Maysa from “Clone” looks at 51

Here is Maysa from “Clone”: How has the Brazilian actress changed since then?

It should be mentioned that the legendary Brazilian series “Clone” immediately hit the screens of millions from different parts of the world who impatiently waited for the new episodes of the cult series. It goes without saying that many were fans of the leading characters who were madly in love with each other and disliked those who did anything against the development of their romantic relationship. Whereas it is relevant to mention that each and every character has left their unique trace in our hearts and we won’t ever forget the life story of each of them. The character of Maysa brilliantly starred by Daniela Escobar was no exception.

A number of on-viewers praised the brilliant acting skills of the iconic actress who could succeed in playing the unhappy character so realistically that many even started to worry about the woman. The whole thing is that Daniela had an unsuccessful marriage and could express her real emotions during the filming. She dedicated her whole life to her heir Andre. However surprising it may seem, it has already been 20 years since the release of the first episodes. It should be noted the prominent actress has starred in a number of films and series after “Clone” gaining the title “one of the most desirable and demanded actresses in Brazil”.

It is worth noting that the actress has already celebrated her 51th birthday, yet she looks simply fantastic. Escobar chose to age naturally and is strongly against any beauty procedures including Botox, injections and surgeries.

Have you watched the legendary series? Whom did you like the most?


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