“Love is blind”: Despite the criticism, Jackman never misses a chance to show his love towards his 67-year-old wife

The moment Jackman was dancing with his 67-year-old wife has long been discussed

In spite of the criticism and the negativity, prominent and successful star H. Jackman never loses his chance to show his unconditional and sincere love towards his beloved 67-year-old wife. According to many, his wife doesn’t really suit the iconic man, yet he keeps staying loyal to her. Against the decorated Xmas tree, Hugh danced with his mature wife and that moment has long been discussed by the netizens.

“An old granny with her grandson”, “Jackman seems to prefer older ones, I guess”, “What an unusual family!”.

“I wonder, what did he find in her?”, “They really look like a grandmother with her grandchild”.

“A wonderful couple, I can’t!”, “Most interestingly, they are harmonious and absolutely happy together”. This is how the fans of the Hollywood star reacted.

How about you? Share your opinion about this unique family!

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