“Iconic Norris’s mother is already 101”: The mother of the icon of our youth has celebrated her 101th birthday

Believe it or not, the mother of legendary marital artist Norris has turned 101

Iconic Ch. Norris has always remained a legend in the film industry as well as marital arts adored by millions in the world. However, the life story of the man was rather difficult and burdensome and it took his mother much effort and energy to raise her three children. Wilma faced many obstacles while the upbringing of her sons and the well-being of the family.

Carlos Ray Norris was the eldest of the three and was born in 1940. As Norris claimed, his childhood wasn’t carefree and enjoying since because of their father’s poor parenting the sons had no proper physical abilities and were suffering.
Though their mother’s life wasn’t the best as well since she was raised in squalor and her health condition was extremely poor. She became a state ward at the age of 8 while undergoing treatment. Whereas afterwards, the Great Depression began and many people, unfortunately, didn’t survive.

When Chuck was still 16, their father heartlessly left the family and the oldest son’s role was to be the leader of the family.
The iconic celebrity has pointed out the reasons why he adores his mother considering her exemplary and dedicated to the family. The marital artist mentioned that despite having undergone 30 serious operations and cancer treatment, his mother didn’t lose her hope and kept being persistent. She taught her sons to always be sure of their abilities, qualities and determination. For them, Wilma has always been the prime example of being self-sufficient, strong and ability to always move forward.

As Wilma claimed, one can achieve absolutely everything if he or she has faith in themselves and are confident.

The American martial artist stated to specialize in this career after having served in the army. Among his clientele were the wife of E. Presley as well as actor McQueen. Norris competed professionally for more than a decade and has ended his drizzling career in dignity.

Owing to his talent, the legendary man has starred in great movies as well such as “Way of the Dragon”.

With this his drizzling career in the film industry began and the man achieved great success and popularity. It is worth mentioning that he also brilliantly writes and some of his works have gained overall-recognition becoming bestsellers.
Misfortunately, a tragedy happened to the family when Wieland, Chuck’s brother passed away because of a fatal accident. Norris and his mother have taken care of each other their entire lives. At that time, Wilma was diagnosed with arthritis and her devoted heir was always there to support and assist her.

Charles Norris

The man has been married twice. Currently, he is happily married to model Gena O’Kelley and the couple has been inseparable for more than 24 years.

It is relevant to mention that Wilma has recently turned 101 and Chuck doesn’t miss a single chance to express his gratitude to Wilma for everything she has done to her heirs and helped him achieve success in life.

Norris admits that his mother has a sound sense of humor and is a prime example for her heirs.

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