“Every time you make a choice, you take a risk”: The appearance of legendary singer Cher at 76 with her beloved caused a stir

Iconic Cher showed the diamond ring her 40-year-old boyfriend proposed her with

The recent appearance of the iconic and overall-recognized American-Armenian singer with her beloved one has long been discussed on network. The breaking news that her boyfriend is, in fact, 40 years younger than the legendary woman caused a stir.

Lately boasting her luxurious diamond ring, Cher made it clear that her beloved one proposed her. It goes without saying that absolutely everyone was literally astonished by this unexpected news.

Showing off her gorgeous ring, the iconic singer explained that every time one makes a choice, one takes a risk which is inevitable.

“I wasn’t born yesterday and I know everything for sure”.

It should be noted as well that the outstanding woman admitted that her ex-husband changed 12 partners during their relationship.

Do you think their big age gap will prevent them from creating a strong family?

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