During the famous show, this woman received a check for $ 20,000 along with a gift card for $ 5,000

She will possibly always remember the surprise she received on the popular Ellen show.

Brittany Sparks is the solitary mother who directs the series “A Quirk of Greatness”.

Her story premier time gained popularity when she suggested braiding the kids’ hair without cost before attending school.

And once, during one of the series of the show, a woman unexpectedly heard her name. They said Stark to join them.

At that second, her flutter was simply inexpressible. She never thought that at some point she would hear her name in this popular show. And definitely, that was just the beginning…

Megan mentioned that they were thrilled by the woman’s story, and when asked what specifically motivated her to launch the idea, she replied that it all started with a kitbag filled with clothes, as well as school supplies.

She had nothing in the period before receiving the next pay but it was necessary to return somehow. So, she started the job of braiding hair.

The woman said she then made a decision to share about it on Facebook, questioning if there was anyone who would prefer me to braid their kids’ hair for school.

And there were already about 35 responses. Though she worked three jobs at the time, she devoted extra time to each kid.

The woman said that her non-profit company has already assisted more than 160 kids.

And then the thrilling second came, and the woman received a check for $ 20,000 along with a gift card for $ 5,000.

You can check the clip in full here. It was so thrilling.

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