“Definitely won the genetic lottery!”: The indescribable beauty of the little girl titled “a living doll” hit the network

Here is an angelically beautiful girl, “a living doll”: How has she changed?

The incredible beauty, cuteness and absolute uniqueness of Amaya Jade left every single one speechless on network. When Jade was still a little baby, her mother Stephanie clearly noticed that she possessed unusually long eyelashes and looked angelically beautiful. The pleasantly surprised woman started actively sharing the pictures of the charming girl on social media. The opinions of the netizens were rather controversial since though many sincerely admired the indescribable beauty of the baby, the rest rushed to accuse her mother of putting on false eyelashes on her little daughter.

Over time, the absolutely adorable girl gained a title “a living doll” and some even called her “an angel fallen from Heaven”. Her long eyelashes, plump cheeks and fantastically beautiful eyes made her even more adorable and lovable.

4 years have already passed and now she is no longer described as “a living doll”. Whereas Amaya is still adorable making it clear that she is going to become an adult girl of incredible beauty and femininity.

Do you think she has changed beyond recognition since her childhood?


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