Dad made the wedding day even more exceptional. He calls his daughter’s stepdad to join in an invaluable moment

These dads were proof that benevolence is one of the most significant traits an individual needs in order to be a good parent.

A dad made his daughter’s wedding day even more exceptional by inviting his stepdad to walk down the altar with them.

Photographer Kelsey Griffith shared the clip of the heartening moment on Instagram as well as TikTok, where it gained popularity and has racked up millions of views since it was shared on October 1st.

The clip started like any other wedding clip. Kelsey smiled as she walked down the altar with her biological dad, beaming in her subtle white dress. The guests stood and smiled as they looked at the couple, celebrating the unique second.

But halfway through, Kelsey’s dad stopped and held out his hand to her stepdad, who was following from the crowd.

The man was waiting for a handshake but Kelsey’s dad dragged him down the altar and ask him to join them the rest of the way. The bride then joins her two dads and carries on her way to the altar.

Kelsey described the clip. “My dad surprised my stepdad by walking him down the altar.”

The clip, which was posted on Reddit as well, moved many users’ hearts, with many commenting on the exciting second.

“Life is much easier without quarrels,” one Reddit user said. I don’t understand why people choose to live with constant clashes as well as messy parenting.”

“It takes a lot of exertion to become a dad, and it takes just as much for a biological dad to respect his kids who are being raised by someone else,” said another.

Other people had to share heartening occurrences like this about dads and stepdads who did something nice for their daughters at their wedding ceremony.

“My dad yielded part of the father and daughter dance to my stepdad and I didn’t imagine his idea until he did it. I am fortunate with two wonderful dads.” someone commented.

“When my daughter got married, her stepfather had footage of her deceased father in his pocket, and during the father-daughter dance, he showed he was together with them all day,” commented another user.

Kelsey mentioned on Instagram that her stepfather assisted in raising her from the age of nine. She and her dad kept the plan hidden until the very ceremony in order for no one not to know about it until it was too late.

This story is a reminder of a story that gained popularity in 2015. The bride’s dad, Todd Bachman, was walking his daughter down the altar when he grabbed his daughter’s stepfather, Todd Cedrosky, to join them. The latter instantly began to cry, understanding what was occurring.

“Brittany’s biological dad came up and took my hand saying, ‘You worked as diligent as I did. You will assist us to walk our daughter down the altar. I could not feel my knees. There is nothing more wonderful in my life, this is the crucial moment of my life,” Cendrosky said, according to USA Today.

Bachmann then posted a shot of him holding Cendrosky’s hand and it became popular on Facebook.

“Real life doesn’t just consist of innocent happiness if you think about it,” Bachmann said. “There’s no better way to express gratitude to someone than to help me get our daughter down the altar.”

These dads were proof that benevolence is one of the most significant traits an individual needs in order to be a good parent. These men put their daughter’s desires first place, which is a real demonstration that they are excellent fathers.

Prepare your napkins and check the invaluable moment unfolding in the clip below.

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