“Considerably gained weight”: Iconic Hollywood fil star Roberts was spotted by paparazzi at a resort

The way 54-year-old actress Roberts has changed left her followers speechless

Recently, the legendary actress at 54 was spotted by paparazzi at a resort and the way she has changed over these years didn’t let any of her followers stay indifferent. Many pointed out that the celebrity has considerably recovered and her body has undergone radical changes.

Some even barely recognized their idol in black shorts and a swimsuit. There is no denying that the Hollywood actress isn’t the same as many remember her to be.

Her followers immediately divided into two big groups. Some rushed to judge and attack the actress with criticism concerning her “imperfect” body and others held the opinion that she looked simply fantastic at her age and hasn’t lost her charm with the passing years.

“I wish I could look this way in my 50s”, “She is literally flawless and nothing ruins her charm”.

Do you think she has radically changed? What films have you watched starred by her?

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