“Back to her drizzling career after 8 years”: Outstanding actress Diaz starred in a comedy film for the first time in 8 years

The news that iconic actress Diaz returned to the cinema left her fans speechless

It is relevant to mention that outstanding, successful and legendary movie star C. Diaz has first been caught on the set of a comedy in eight years. The Netflix film is called “Back in Business” which was directed by S. Gordon.

The moment the iconic woman was noticed she was wrapped in a blanket to keep herself warm and seemed happier than even probably interacting with the crew about the filming process. In the following photos we can see actress G. Close as well as actor J. Foxx.

It should be noted that it was the first time Diaz acted in a film in eight years and she announced a pause in her career four years ago. The prominent actress married musician B. Madden in 2015 and four years later had an heiress. The baby is only three and her mother had enough courage to leave her at home which she doesn’t regret at all.

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