“Are they together again?”: For the sake of her child, Kardashian welcomed Kanye West to their birthday party

The paparazzi caught rapper Kanye West’s car parked next to Kardashian’s house

It is noteworthy that the child of K. Kardashian and her ex-husband K. West, Sainte Kardashian has already turned 7.

The thing is that the photojournalists have recently managed to catch the car of the popular rapper next to his ex-wife’s house. It later turned out the man came to congratulate his child on his 7th birthday. Since their kids wanted to have a big birthday party, the celebrity had to invite the rapper as well to make her children completely happy.

Whereas the scandalous appearance of West didn’t pleasantly surprise their fans since he looked rather gloomy and it seemed as if nothing has really changed in his wardrobe since then.

The father of four was captured by the paparazzi getting out of his car with a bag probably filled with presents for his kid.

Many praised the kindness and maturity of Kim who was eager to invite West despite his attempts to ruin the celebrity’s reputation. Some were more than sure that Kardashian would undoubtedly cut him off from their lives, whereas she appeared to be mature enough to invite him for the sake of her heir’s happiness.

It is worth mentioning that the news that the rapper and model J. Naloo have split up left every single one speechless. Now, it is clear that the man can afford to spend much more time with his precious kids. According to reliable sources, the main reason of their breakup lies behind the bad behavior of the rapper.

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