“A woman at 65 had a quadruplet”: The incredible story of the heroic mother in 60s who had a quadruplet

The 65-year-old mother had a quadruplet and this is how they look after 3 years

It is a widespread tendency nowadays to have children even after 40s or 50s when people have already built a successful career, can keep their family and provide their kids with everything necessary.

Meet this heroic woman named Annegret Raunig from Germany who is, believe it or not, a mother of 13 and a granny of 7. One day, Annegret and her husband wanted to have another baby.

It should be noted that the mother-heroine has always adored children and dreamed of having a very large family and her cherished dream has eventually come true. It is relevant to mention that her 10-year-old daughter was the one who was looking forward to the birth of the newborn the most.

Since the woman was well-aware of the risks of possible complications, she determined to turn to IVF and, as a result, something unexpected happened to the blessed family.

The heroic woman was listed on the Guinness Book of Records after she gave birth to a quadruplet, however astonishing it might seem.

Many programs were greatly interested in the incredible story of the absolutely unique family and the woman signed a contract with one TV channel so that they can share the incredible story of the woman with their audience. Later on, they moved to Horster.

Though Annegret is often heavily criticized and judged by network users, she tries not to pay much attention to the ill-wishers and is more than sure that everyone will be alright. Many admire the strong will-power and determination of the mother-heroine.

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