A great performance of the song “Shallow” by a father-daughter duet

For parents, the ideal thing they can do with kids is to spend time with them.

It melted my heart. It’s just too valuable.

For parents, there is nothing more precious than bonding with their kids as well as making magnificent memories. I know this because I am a parent myself and every second spent with my kid means a million years to me.

For us parents, the ideal thing we can do with our kids is to spend time with them while they pursue their hobbies or interests such as singing. And that’s what Dave Crosby does with his charming daughter named Claire.

The father-daughter duet not only visits amusement parks, eats, and plays jointly, but sings as well. As a matter of fact, one of their clips achieved a reputation as soon as they presented “Shallow” performed by Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the megahit A Star Is Born.

Be sure to check the clip below.

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