A boy with autism built the Titanic with Lego: The great talent of this child with autism left everyone speechless

The 10-year-old child with autism built a huge replica of the Titanic with Lego

Though the Titanic sank more than 100 years ago, the incredible story of it will undoubtedly remain in our hearts forever. Meet this little boy named Brynjar Carl Bigisson with autism who is the author of the model of this huge ship spending about 11 months and over 50 000 Lego figures.

Despite the fact the boy showed his incredible Lego construction in 2014, he has gained fame and recognition only recently, at the age of 19.

The boy was passionate about trains until the day his father took him to the sea for fishing and, being only 10, he became obsessed with ships and got informed about the Titanic. Once he visited Legoland located in Denmark, the boy determined to create his own model of Lego construction and, eventually, amazed the entire world.

It is relevant to mention that almost all his relatives took an active part in supporting and helping the boy at 10 with such a difficult task. His devoted uncle calculated the number of the parts he needed and the general structure of the ship the boy intended to build. What is more, his family created a page where anyone could donate money so that the little boy could collect the required amount of money.

Most importantly, Carl managed to control his disease due to his obsession with Lego figures. Currently, the boy works on a ferry whose main aim is to transport people to nearly islands.

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