What if these celebrities hadn’t broken up and had children? This is how their heirs would look

Let’s imagine these popular couples had children: How would they look?

It is absolutely normal when people meet, fall in love with each other, date or marry and then break up. No one can actually predict what the fate has prepared for them and how long their relationships with other people will last: a day or a lifetime? However, there have been iconic and influential couples who had millions of fans and their breakup broke their hearts too since their admirers considered them perfect couples. Even years after their breakup or divorce, many still imagine them reunite and have children. People take a great interest in how these couples’ kids would look if fate hadn’t separated them. A gifted and talented Brazilian artist endowed people with a chance to witness how their children would look if they, of course, existed!

The adorable heiress of Affleck and Lopez

The daughter of Diaz and Timberlake

This is what the heir of Jessica Parker and Downey would look like.

This handsome guy is Tyler’s and Phoenix’s heir!

And Madonna’s and Sean Penn’s son would look like this.

The child of the star from “Home Alone” Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis

Look at the heir of Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock!

What if Winona Ryder and Matt Damon had a son?

Penelope Cruise’s and Cruz’s heiress would possess such appearance!

If Pattinson’s and Steward’s relationship lasted longer!

The former legendary and most influential couple’s heir!

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