What happened to the young wife of a 90-year-old billionaire?

The girl had the same fate as Marilyn Monroe.

There was a time when this marriage became a boom.

Anna Nicole Smith, a well-known model of the 90s, frequently compared herself to Marilyn Monroe. Truly, facial features as well as blond curls could not help but remind of the fabled actress. Nevertheless, these women were united not only by their appearance. The destiny of the model turned out to be as hard as the destiny of the most desirable woman of the mid-twentieth century.

Even the beginning of their life route was the same. After the breakup of her parents, Anna (Vicki Lynn Hogan) was looked after by her aunt, and her mother went to work because of poverty. It is known that Monroe was deprived of parental affection too, wandered from one orphanage to another, from one adoptive family to another, and ended up in the care of her aunt. Then the girl repeated the fate of her mother. When she was a teen, she dropped out of school and started working in a restaurant, where she met her later husband, chef Billy Smith. The future star got married when she was 17. She became a mother at the same young age, but Smith left the family. The girl had to give her newborn son Daniel to her mother and go to work.

Vicki worked at a strip club. After giving birth, she gained weight, and her body was stretched but all this did not stop her from performing. The girl had a dream to get in shape, so she put aside everything that she earned at the club. Due to the large settings, she had to perform during the day instead of at night. But this is what led the girl to a fatal encounter that totally changed her life.

Vicki is fortunate. 85-year-old oil magnate from Texas named Howard Marshall II visited the club during one of her relays. His fortune was estimated at $1 billion. Having a disability, it was hard for him to go to grocery stores at night, and he did it during the day. His health condition did not prevent him from visiting such places. And Vicki took advantage of that.

The girl announced that she, along with the billionaire, was not at all because of his possession but found consolation in him. Howard Marshall did not economize money on those who decided to make him happy. He bought her cars to match the color of her dress, and Vicki’s manicure involved 14 carat gold nail pads. Naturally, with such a state, she was able to afford the long-awaited surgery and, at last, enlarged her breasts.

The girl transformed her appearance into a tool for earning money. In the 90s, she began acting for candid magazines. It was at this moment that the pseudonym Anna Nicole Smith appeared.

The model married an oil magnate in 1994. Anna Nicole announced that Howard’s money did not interest her at all. As an argument, she noted that she only got married when she had her own money.

“I am not marrying him for money. He asked me to marry him for more than four years. But initially, I had the desire to build a career. Currently, I have my own money,” said the owner of the wedding chantry where Anna and J. Howard Marshall got married.

After a year, the magnate passed away and the distribution of his massive fortune began. In addition to the young woman, the son of the billionaire Pierce claimed the inheritance. He announced that the girl was with his father only because of the money. As a result, Anna Nicole received $ 88 million, which is how much Howard Marshall earned during their short life together.

Initially, the model lost her rich patron, then she began to lose her beauty, which was the clue to her future. Anna Nicole Smith recovered and became addicted to painkillers as well because of discomfort after breast surgery.

In 2006, the model had a daughter, Denilynn, from her lover Larry Birkhead. Son Daniel came to congratulate her on that occasion. That night, the boy passed away from a drug overdose. This event was a blow to Anna Nicole. On February 8, 2007, the star was detected in a Hollywood hotel, as the body of Marilyn Monroe was once detected.

It was reported that the cause of the model’s death was a drug overdose. But Anna Nicole’s mother believed that her daughter was killed by her lawyer as well as lover Howard K.

The guardian of the model’s daughter, born a year before her death, was her biological Larry Birkhead. Little Denilin is the only inheritor to Anna Nicole Smith’s multimillion-dollar legacy, which she had been striving for so long and which, eventually, did not make her happy.

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