“This is how celebrities deceive their followers!”: The photojournalists showed how Kardashian looks in everyday life

Kardashian’s appearance in real life differs from that of her Instagram

It should be noted that the quietest of the iconic Kardashian sisters is most often believed to be Kourtney who doesn’t frequently appear on the cover of fashion magazines and rarely hits the network with spicy and candid photo shoots unlike her more popular sisters. Kourtney is the one who leads a private way of life and doesn’t really fancy sharing details concerning her personal life.

Though on her popular Instagram page the iconic woman looks literally flawless and stunning, the recent shots by photojournalists proved that she, in fact, doesn’t look perfect in everyday life.

The netizens have been wondering how those extra kilos disappear in her Instagram photos. And soon, it turned out that Kourtney almost always retouches her photos before posting them. That’s why she looks virtually unrecognizable in her routine life.

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