This disabled woman, after being heartlessly abandoned by her boyfriend, was left alone becoming a single mother

Being left by the man, the disabled girl is a single mother of a toddler: VIDEO

The incredible and breathtaking story of this Belgium girl will definitely leave you speechless. Regardless of being disabled, the strong-willed girl lives her life at the fullest, does such things which can’t often be completed by ordinary people. It should be noted that Sarah cooks, creates art and even puts on cosmetics with the help of her feet.

It is worth mentioning that the determined woman has also attended a college and given birth to a baby. Sarah’s life radically changed as soon as she gave birth to her heiress.

What concerns the father of the baby, he wasn’t there to help the woman cope with her problems and didn’t take any part in the upbringing of their child. There is no need to say that the poor woman’s heart was broken and she had no idea what to do.

However, Sarah does her best to give her daughter as much as possible no matter how difficult it is for her. Let’s wish them the best!

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