This African American model has enchanted everyone with her unique appearance

The shots of this girl can frequently be seen in popular lustrous magazines.

Although albinism is ordinary in all ethnic groups, it is quite infrequent in dark-skinned people. Because of a congenital deficiency of melanin, people with albinism are more sentient to adverse solar radiation, for which they have to avoid sunlight. Sadly, because of their appearance, they are frequently assaulted by their coequals and become social deportees.

But this African American model proves the opposite. People with albinism are even members of the public and are able to achieve the same success as everyone else.

Diandra was born in 1989 in the Bronx, New York, USA.

The girl has a brother who suffers from albinism as well. As a child, the boy had to endure assaults from their coequals, which is why their parents sent them to a private school.

Throughout her school years, little Diandra began to master the modeling industry, and one day, while shopping, she was suddenly spotted by a fashion agent.

Thus, began her path to glory. Currently, the girl is very successful, her shots can frequently be seen in popular glossy magazines.

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