The unearthly beauty and mysteriousness of these homeless children’s eyes won’t let any single one stay indifferent

These children possess the most amazing eyes you have ever seen in your life

When we are born, we are almost blind and only in the course of time do our eyes become less sensitive endowing us with an opportunity to know and discover the things around us with the help of our, perhaps, most important sense. It should be noted that most elderly people’s eyes, on contrary to those of children and youngsters, lose their charm which is due to the lack of energy and the soil of their life experience. Whereas if we take a look at the charming eyes of children, it is utterly impossible not to fall in love with them at the first sight.

It is worth mentioning that the talented author of these fantastic shots comes from Turkey, a country where one can meet people of different nationalities and cultures. So, he was fortunate enough to come across these adorable children possessing such extraordinary and absolutely unique appearance.

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