“The most expensive handbag on Earth!”: The secret of this luxurious bag which has been sold for 380 000 dollars

What is the secret of this bag which has recently been sold for $380 000?

It should be noted that the handbag made by Birkin has recently been titled the world’s most expensive one which was sold for 380 000 dollars, however surprising it may seem. This, in fact, sounds like something beyond for those who can’t imagine how one can afford to buy a bag worthy of this much money. It is worth mentioning that the bag was made of pure crocodile leather designed with diamonds.

Initially, the average price stretched from 200 000 to 260 000 dollars and no one, in fact, could imagine that the handbag would ultimately be sold for 350 000 dollars. Whereas many held the opinion that such a good quality of the bag was definitely worth the price. Those who are interested, Himalaya produces one or two bags only within a year.

It is relevant to mention that the second most valuable and luxurious one was the Barkin bag which was sold for three hundred thousand dollars.

Do you think the bag was really worth it?

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