“The living corpse or horror heroine”: How the girl “spoilt” her appearance for the sake of becoming the copy of her idol

Here is the girl who has undergone a number of surgeries to look like her idol

Meet S. Tabar whom you all, perhaps, have seen and got acquainted with her incredible life story. However astonishing it may seem, she has undergone about 50 plastic surgeries to look like her idol, i.e. A. Jolie. Apart from all these operations, she lost over 40 kilos to look more like the Hollywood actress. However, as a result, she did nothing but spoilt her appearance failing to realize her cherished dream. This is what actually happens to those who overuse plastic surgeries. Sarah is called “a living corpse”.

Initially, Sarah lost about 40 kilos which was achieved due to crushing diets being 145 cm tall, but she found that not enough and rushed to turn to plastic surgeons to gain the desirable appearance.

And, as we can clearly witness, she became one of those victims becoming unstoppable and spoiling their appearance deliberately. Many rushed to compare her with Annabelle from a horror film.

Sarah now has more than 300 thousand followers on her Instagram page. Some sincerely admire her efforts holding the opinion that she looks quite fine. But some are simply interested in how her appearance has transformed due to plastic interventions.

How did you find her appearance? Do you think it is surgeons who are to be blamed?


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