The girl who once weighed 700 pounds now looks so attractive. It’s astonishing!

What an incredible transformation!

Amber Rusty is an American who became famous due to her unusual weight. A few years ago the girl weighed 700 pounds. She hardly stood on her feet and it’s so difficult for her to walk or even move.

During this difficult period only Rudy, a young man, supported her. He never left her side and helped her stand, walk and move.

Rudy never scolded the girl for her weight, on the contrary, he always reminded her that he was by her side and would support her forever.

Surprisingly, when the girl made significant progress, the man left her.

Now look at this picture! Does she look like the previous girl? Although it seems unreal, the girl changed into a real beauty. Now she looks so pretty and keeps strong diet and eats only healthy food.

The girl shocked the whole world with her transformation. Thanks to her strong will and the efforts of the specialists, she became thinner and more beautiful.

Amber is so happy to look in this way and she is so thankful to those, who helped her overcome all the difficulties.

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