“The conqueror of women’s hearts!”: Depp’s 20-year-old heir wins millions of hearts

The photos of Depp’s son whom he always hid surprised the netizens

It is overall-known that the legendary and outstanding Hollywood actor has two heirs: a daughter Lily and a son Jack. Meanwhile, the iconic film star rarely appears with his children in public.

It is worth mentioning that the heiress of Depp consciously chose to follow in her dad’s career footsteps. Lily is also the muse for Karl Lagerfeld and she’s already achieved great success in modeling.

What concerns her brother, little do people know about his 20-year-old son who hardly ever gets spotted by the paparazzi.

However, once his photos appeared on network, he immediately won millions of hearts with his attractive look.

Did you know anything about Jack?

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