“The big age gap didn’t prevent them from being together!”: The love story of the French actor and a Brazilian model

Here is outstanding actor Pierre Richard’s young wife, a Brazilian model

Pierre Richard is believed to be the icon of the French film industry being a prominent and successful actor. The outstanding film star is well-known not only in his homeland, but also all over the world.

In his youth, Richard was a real conqueror of female hearts and could attract absolutely everyone owing to his charisma and a sense of humor.

Though the French actor is already in his 80s, he hasn’t lost his charm continuing to delight everyone with his brilliant acting. People are interested in the film star’s personal life as well.

It should be noted that at the moment, Richard is in a relationship with a Brazilian model who is about 30 years younger than the man.

It has been already 20 years they are happily married and are totally inseparable making everyone restore their belief in true love.

The legendary spouses now live in their own mansion and have a garden full of grapes from which they make a big profit.

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