“Remains the same charismatic woman!”: Lollobrigida in her 90s still charms her fans with her gorgeousness

Fans are still delighted with 94-year-old Lollobrigida’s charisma and beauty

It is hard to guess that this unearthly beautiful, elegant and charismatic woman in front of us has already celebrated her 94th birthday since the iconic actress undoubtedly looks much younger.

It should be noted that the great film star’s successful career begins with “Black Eagle”, 1946, which was followed by “Mad About Opera” and “Liquor of Love”.

If you’re interested, the movie was directed by M. Costa and the film called “Pagliacci” directed by him as well brought her fame normalizing her financial state as she was fortunate to have signed such a profitable contact.

Despite her senior age, the iconic actress is still often invited to shows, social events and programs continuing delighting her fans.

She never ceases to charm everyone with her femininity, originality and charisma.

Lollobrigida still make her fans admire her who leave such comments as “She is still lively and enthusiastic despite her age”, “Wow. Frequently visiting beauty salons regardless of being 94”, ‘Bravo, Gina!”, “She will soon turn 100. How come?”, “What a goddess!”, “The most iconic woman of our time”.

She enjoys spending her precious time accompanied with her grandson. According to Gina, her time to go hasn’t come yet.

Have you seen any films starred by her?

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