“Opposing the nature is impossible!”: Film star Roberts at 54 bravely demonstrated her face in close-up

Roberts’s appearance in close-up without cosmetics impressed everyone

It is worth mentioning that regardless of the fact that the outstanding actress succeeded in building a drizzling career, becoming one of the idols of the Hollywood film industry and creating a wonderful family, she has always been criticized for her “imperfect” appearance and being inferior to other Hollywood celebrities. However, in spite of being in her 50s, the film star never ceases to delight her followers with her charm, femininity and elegance.

Quite bravely, the iconic celebrity frequently shows herself without any makeup and wearing ordinary clothes. And recently, the outstanding film star shared a photo of her demonstrating her face in close-up.

Many rushed to point out that Roberts still looks fantastic and no age-related changes are seen on her face yet. It should be mentioned that the actress’s loyal fans immediately came into delight with the new photo of their idol.


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