“One of the iconic women of all time”: Actress Kidman’s and Luke Evans’s collaboration, “Say Something”

The evidence that Nicole Kidman is among the most successful and talented stars

There is no denying that charming and successful actress N. Kidman certainly knows how to leave every single one speechless. And recently, her fans were absolutely delighted with her and Luke Evans’s collaboration releasing a song called “Say Something”.

What is more, she thanked Luke grateful for being a part of a duo. As a great number of netizens mentioned, she is truly a gifted person who is talented in absolutely everything.

Her loyal fans were delighted with their idol. “I adore your voice”, “We need to hear your voice more often”, “Simply fantastic”.

Moreover, the film star has lately shared a photo showing her flat and flawless belly which made her ill-wishers envy her beauty and femininity.

There is no need to mention that Kidman can be regarded among the most attractive and talented stars of today.

Regretfully, the film star admitted that she used to face a severe age discrimination and was rejected to play many roles only because of her age.

It seems as if the end of her drizzling career is when the gifted actress is 40.

She holds the opinion that one should always fight for their goals and chase their cherished dreams.

What do you think about the actress?

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