“Lost her charm and looks unhealthy”: The extreme thinness of Jolie didn’t let any single one stay indifferent

The recent photos of Jolie made her followers worry about their idol’s health

It is worth mentioning that after splitting up with the iconic Hollywood actor, the actress had a depression and hard times as a result of which lost a lot of weight. Her unhealthy thinness has recently been in the scope of her fans’ discussions who are seriously concerned about their idol’s health condition and wish her a speedy recovery.

For example, if we take the recent paparazzi photos, it becomes clear that the star has lost much weight and her legs now look like matches, according to the network users. Next to her, there is Zahara, her adopted daughter who looks much healthier than the iconic actress.

Many of her loyal fans started to seriously worry about the legendary star’s health condition hoping she would soon recover and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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