“Lost her charm and attractiveness!”: The way Roberts has recently changed was appreciated by far not everyone

Roberts, after putting on some weight, is being criticized for not being perfect

However hard it sometimes is, one of the Hollywood’s most outstanding, brilliant and iconic actresses has already turned 54. Despite her age, Roberts still remains the embodiment of female beauty and attractiveness for millions. Meanwhile, the photojournalists have recently been fortunate enough to take some shots of the film star when she didn’t really expect to be caught.

The majority of her loyal fans, anyway, supported the legendary actress holding the opinion that she still looks fantastic regardless of her age. Whereas some rushed to judge her “imperfect” figure.

“Let’s compare Roberts and Lopez. It is quite easy to guess who the winner is”, “She looks rather unkempt here”, “A totally ordinary woman in her 50s”, “How much has she put on?”.

There were still those who stood up for their beloved actress claiming that she possesses unearthly beauty and femininity.

“Just look at this goddess!”, “Envy her silently”, “What stunning legs”.

How did you like the Hollywood actress’s appearance?

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