Kate Middleton in one of the kindergartens in Copenhagen

Here’s what Kate looked like on the visit.

Kate Middleton, 40, arrived in Denmark for two days related to work. The Duchess was very interested in the unique as well as the principal approach of the Danes to the growth of kids of various ages. For this, Kate visited one of the kindergartens on the borders of Copenhagen.

For her visit, Milton made up her mind to put on tight dark-colored jeans that fit well on her legs, a milk-white sweater as well as a light-colored jacket. Kate was wearing very light makeup, it was almost invisible, but the woman looked good and even the seemingly ordinary clothes looked cute on her.

Kate especially loved to play with kids, led round dances as well as asked questions. Recall that she herself is a mother of several kids, and this subject is very close to her heart.

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