“Iconic Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren today”: Have Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren inherited her beauty?

Here are the grandchildren of iconic Elizabeth Taylor: How have they changed?

Though E. Taylor left us at the age of 79 in 2011, her unique and irreplaceable role in history still warms her loyal fans’ hearts. Many have been wondering whether her grandchildren inherited her excellent taste and love for fashion from her or not.

It should be noted that the iconic woman had 10 grandchildren and now let’s discuss some of them and discover whether they decided to follow their late granny’s footsteps or not.

Naomi Taylor

As the woman has recently admitted, she took the obsession of interesting accessories and daring experiments with clothes from her legendary granny. She is now 48 and has become a successful stylist for whom the most carefree and happiest years which she still recalls with delight were in childhood with her granny.

Laela Wilding

Laela mentions she was the one who spent more time with Elizabeth than her siblings since she is the oldest one. According to Laela, Taylor never had “the favorite grandchild” and didn’t single anyone out. It was thanks to the legendary star that Laela is now good at putting on cosmetics and has a good idea about makeup. She herself has a sound sense of beauty and now works as graphic designer.

Quinn Teaway

Many hold the opinion that the 35-year-old grandson of the star was actually the only one born with an impressive appearance as his granny. The man is actively engaged in photography and painting. The thought of his late grandmother still warms his heart whom he considers truly a smart, wonderful and responsive woman.

Tarquin Wilding

The man expresses his gratitude to his late kind-hearted granny who helped a great number of people with AIDS. He now works as a producer and already has several successful films in background.

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