“I can’t overcome my addiction”: Here is Chandler from series “Friends” who became addicted to alcohol

Iconic actor Matthew Perry from “Friends”: Why did he become an alcoholic?

As outstanding and beloved actor M. Perry has recently shared, he has spent a huge sum of money for the fight against the destructive alcohol addiction he suffers, whereas his efforts, misfortunately, didn’t pay off. It goes without saying that aged and exhausted Perry with unkempt appearance is now utterly impossible to recognize.

His loyal fans are seriously concerned about his health condition and wish him a speedy recovery. Though the talented film star is only 53, he looks much older due to alcoholism.

“I was madly in love with him!”, “He used to be a conqueror of female hearts”.

“Alcoholism significantly affected both his health and appearance”, “Poor Perry!”, “He simply got aged”, “No one is getting younger”, “Regretfully, his drizzling career is over”.

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