“Hasn’t shampooed her hair for years”: This Finnish blogger has refused to use any shampoos for years

This is what happened when this young girl hadn’t used shampoos for two years

Here is 24-year-old Iris Heikinen from Finland who actively runs a blog concentrating on beauty secrets and more.

The popular blogger shares with her followers her beauty secrets, tricks concerning putting on cosmetics as well as makes reviews about this or that product. And, her decision to stop using shampoos altogether was the fact which left everyone speechless concerning the young girl.

The fantastic result and desirable condition of her hair after not using any shampoos, conditioners and balms will undoubtedly surprise you.

Everything started when she gained problems concerning her scalp which was constantly itchy. No method helped her solve the problem, neither traditional nor modern. That’s why she decided to do a very interesting experiment on her hair. Heikinen stopped using any kind of shampoos to witness what would actually happen at the end.

Currently, however surprising it may seem, the blogger uses only water and sometimes coconut oil and that’s all. As you all can clearly see, her hair became much smoother and silkier and, what is more important, her skin is no longer itchy.

As she mentioned, at first her hair looked rather dirty and greasy, whereas after a while the result literally shocked her. People keep asking her what hair conditioners and balms she applied in order to achieve such a desirable result. No one would guess that she uses only water.

Not everyone believes in that, whereas it is a fact.

It should be noted that while entering the university, the Finnish girl sometimes used biocosmetics which contained only natural and organic products.

Would you do such an experiment? Share your opinion!

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