Does she really deserve to be called the prettiest woman? The recent photo of Hadid by paparazzi raised questions

The way model Hadid looks in everyday life disappointed some of her fans

It is worth mentioning that the iconic model has been titled “the most beautiful woman on Earth”, whereas far not everyone agrees with it since it depends on one’s individual perception of what beauty is. The paparazzi recently caught the well-known model in the streets showing how she really looks in everyday life.

The netizens are more than sure that Bella, given the fact how she looked at that moment, wasn’t ready to meet paparazzi.

“Is this really the most beautiful woman?”, “I have seen women much prettier than her”.

“Who titled her “the loveliest woman on Earth?”, “Nothing special”, “She looks like an ordinary girl”.

“To my mind, she’s not unique at all”, “Looks like a different person without makeup”.

How about you? Do you consider Hadid beautiful?


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