“Curly Sue after three decades!”: This is how Alison Porter from “Curly Sue” has changed after 30 years

Here is the little girl playing the leading role in “Curly Sue” after 30 years

It is rather hard to realize that the adorable little actress from “Curly Sue” is already 41 and that it has already been 30 years since the release of the movie. Just recently, the photos of already 41-year-old Alison Porter appeared on the network surprising the entire world. Such comments could be found “How much she has changed!”, “I didn’t recognize Sue”.

“How fast time passes away!”, “Looks much younger than she actually is”, “She has always been my idol”, “What a gorgeous film star”, “I simply can’t believe my eyes”, “Have 30 years already passed?”.

“How old we actually are!”, “I can’t believe this is Sue”, “She has changed beyond recognition”, “My most beloved movie since childhood”.

“I rewatch the legendary film every single year and don’t get tired of it at all”.

Have you watched the legendary movie?

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