“Breaking news!”: Model Shayk and her ex-husband Cooper have restored their relationship

To absolutely everyone’s surprise, Shayk and Cooper are together again

All of a sudden and to everyone’s surprise, the iconic model from Russia and B. Cooper seem to have restored their relationship. The ex-couple isn’t even trying to hide the fact they are back together. There is no need to say that their fans were simply delighted seeing their common photos.

Many rushed to compare their reunion with that of Lopez and Affleck since they too decided to revitalize their relationship but not after 20, but 3 years in this case. Both the couples seem to believe that going back to a previous relationship will surely have an entirely different ending and let’s hope so.

Initially, Cooper with their heiress was caught by photojournalists. Later, what is more, the couple was seen gently cuddling with each other in the streets of New York and if we take the recent photos they have lately shared, the couple refuses to hide their bond anymore.

A sensation has been caused by one of the latest posts of the model since in the photo she sits on the knees of a bear and wrote in the chapter “The bear is with me”. This, of course, raised a lot of questions on the web.

Most netizens were already aware of the fact that it was actually Cooper behind the mask of a bear as they’d seen the paparazzi photos in which they were hugging.

Now, their loyal fans are more than sure that they are together and are even already waiting for the moment they gift their heiress a sibling.

A reminder: in 2015, the couple revealed their relationship and already in 2017 Leah DeSien Shayk was born. In two years in June, they announced about their divorce and now, they have restored their relationship.


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