Bones are visible again. The paparazzi showed disappointing shots of Jolie while shopping

The outfit unfolded Angelina’s extreme thinness.

Since Angelina Jolie simply does not have a private account on the Internet, it happens not frequently that we can see the latest shots of the actress only from the paparazzi filming. After breaking up with Brad Pitt, followers are very worried about her health as well as generally worry about Angelina.

This time, the paparazzi cameras photographed the celebrity near a supermarket in Los Angeles along with her daughter Vivien. The girl helped her mother to carry the packages, and Jolie was again worried about her appearance.

The actress, as always, is dressed in a black outfit with a hood, but a short coat exposed her legs, which once again unfolded Angelina’s extreme thinness, once again showing that the world-famous beauty carries on struggling with her health.

Fans are really hopeful that one day Jolie will finally return to her former self as well as begin to live newly, possibly even fall in love again.

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